I engaged A Simplified Life at a time when I was feeling my home was over-run by clutter. Frustrated and not knowing how to address the problem, I was introduced to Tamara. She started a process methodically addressing my home room by room and in the end achieving an amazing result. While Tamara jumped into the project and aggressively addressed it, she was completely unintrusive. Tamara communicated with me regularly but was able to minimize the amount of time I was actually needed for in order to get things done. Tamara’s style is very professional, her work ethic is outstanding, she is highly confidential and a joy to work with.
Brian Kreisman
Bessner Gallay Kreisman
Somewhere along the way of raising four teens, I realized I had lost control over my home. Their ‘filing’ system for their belongings was all over their bedroom floor. Nothing had a ‘place’ and I could no longer simply close their doors and ignore. Tamara of A Simplified Life is a professional organizer of the highest caliber. She has an uncanny ability to study the area, offer several solutions and then resolve each task with dedicated devotion. Innovative and sensitive to each of my teens needs, she was always pleasant, organized, punctual and exceeded my expectations. Even better, the teens are maintaining the systems Tamara created for them. I too, have followed her ideas in my own closets and am delighted each time I open one. I am continuously thanking her. Tamara brought back order and serenity to my home. Thank you Tamara.
Cote St-Luc, Quebec
For me, Tamara Liebmann is a godsend, and if you are struggling to get organized, she will be for you as well. If you find that clutter and disorganization have become such a source of stress in your life that you're dangerously close to giving up on the dream of having a nice, peaceful, clutter-free home, don't despair! Tamara can help you. Not only is she a brilliant, efficient, resourceful organizer with the most impressive toolbox I've ever seen (the woman can fix just about anything, and she takes so much pleasure coming up with ingenious ideas and tackling the problem hands-on, you'll actually have fun through the process!), but she is also a warm, caring, encouraging person who will fill your heart with positivity. She doesn't judge, she is always respectful, and she takes her clients -and their home- as they are. And then she makes them better!
Thank you Tamara for your precious help. I am truly and eternally grateful!
M. Gieling
Montreal, Quebec
I found Tamara’s services to be exceptional and it has been a pleasure to recommend her to other friends and clients over the past 2 years. I initially used Tamara’s services to redesign my son’s bedroom and she did an incredible job. She was very personable and equally competent and professional in all aspects of her work. Tamara was client focused and collaborative in her approach. She suggested creative, personalized and practical ideas to make functional use of the space, and remain on budget. She really treated the project as if it were being done in her own home. Personally, this is the attitude, quality and level of integrity I appreciate in any professional I hire. I truly look forward to using Tamara services again in the future and recommend her with confidence to anyone in my personal and professional circle.
Laval, Quebec
Tamara has been an absolute gift to our family. From the onset, she focused on understanding our needs and then got to work on designing solutions that blended with our lifestyle and habits. Tamara brings a gentle and practical approach to organizing any space and is able to expertly introduce new habits that make day to day maintenance easier. She is a master at simplifying and organizing!
G. Buscemi
I would like to inform interested users of A Simplified Life of my very positive experience working with Tamara Elias Liebmann.
I have been in the same workplace for 18 years and had accumulated a tremendous amount of both personal and professional papers and objects that required organizing. With limited time and no direction as to where to start Tamara got the ball rolling and helped dispose of the unusable and sort the necessary. Everything vital is labeled, filed, and placed in such a way that it is neat and accessible.
Tamara provided me with a sense of accomplishment and well-being that has liberated me and lifted a weight from my shoulders. It is now a pleasure to invite people into my space and to easily access and locate documents.
To cite to just one example the separation of personal and work documents and items makes things more professional and has helped me find some “long-lost articles”. Both necessary and sentimental ones.
Tamara is kind, understanding and has the DNA to do this kind of work. In conjunction with my needs and priorities, showing sensitivity and discretion, her initiative and experience solved challenges that I had not realized existed.
I would not hesitate to engage her services again and wholeheartedly recommend her for any organizing challenge you may have.
Jay Gotteiner
General Manager Van Hessen Canada
In the spring of 2022 I found myself in a very difficult position. I left town for a few months only to find myself in a situation of not being able to return to Montreal. Unfortunately, I had a completely furnished home back in Hampstead. I contacted Tamara Elias Liebmann of A Simplified Life, to say that she saved the day is a mild understatement. I sent her the keys to my home and within a few weeks and without my being there, she was able to completely pack up my entire home. She then sent me the belongings that I wanted to keep which arrived in perfect condition, including my computer. Tamara was able to either sell, donate, or have movers dispose of the items that I didn't want anymore. All of this at a minimal cost to me.
There is no way to express how grateful I am to Tamara. She is beyond trustworthy, super organized, and incredibly competent. But more importantly I believe that she truly cares about her clients and will do whatever she needs to, to ensure their happiness. I would, without hesitation, recommend Tamara to all my friends and family, she is truly an incredible person, who has a heart of gold.
C. Weigensberg
I was faced with the daunting prospect of moving from my house (after 43 years,) to an apartment. A friend suggested Tamara. Best advice I could have received. She came in, assessed the job and went to work. She arranged for packing boxes then proceeded to pack everything from paintings to crystal, food to bedding and everything in between. She arranged for movers at the appropriate time. At the apartment she supervised furniture placement, unpacked everything, set up kitchen cupboards, hung painting and everything else that needed doing. All in a timely fashion.
As an aside, in order to reduce waste, she arranged to rent plastic tote boxes (70 of them) especially designed for moving.
If I had to move again, I would definitely call Tamara without hesitation.
Thanks Tamara for taking away the stress of moving.
Peter Kaehlert
Tamara and her team of professionals are absolutely exceptional. We hired them shortly after our family member passed away and we needed someone to help us transfer all of his belongings from Montreal to Toronto. Unfortunately, at the time, we were living in Nova Scotia and as it was during the peak of Covid restrictions across provinces, we could not get there ourselves.
Our family member, an established art collector and philanthropist, had quite the robust collection of art, sculptures, furniture, and family heirlooms: the 30 sets of dishes were individually wrapped, one 1500 pound sculpture was moved with a team of professionals with precision and care, antique furniture and oversized paintings were wrapped with pristine attention to detail.
Tamara and her phenomenal team took on the seemingly impossible task of packing up and itemizing everything as needed. The apartment, a four story walk up—located on a busy street in downtown Montreal with no parking for the moving trucks—was packed up with immense attention to detail. I would highly recommend Tamara and her team for all your moving, packing, storing and downsizing needs.
Sheldon L.
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